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Here we are again, breaching new Nasdaq heights. Cue bad flashbacks!Stock Market Graph and Bar Chart

We’ve learned some things since then. Try these three ways to ride the wave formerly known as the ultimate symbol of the boom and bust.

Back in 2000, the Nasdaq was full of stocks that were nothing more than a house of cards.

They were pieces of paper (some born on the back of napkins) with nothing more than a story and huge operating losses. Yet the herd bought en masse, with largely no regard to valuations or future prospects of profitability.

The entire boom was based on the dream of internet riches that ultimately only a select few realized—the rest were destined for the junk heap.

The superficial take-away for investors: Never buy stocks of companies losing money.

That simplistic reaction has held true for the majority of the market these past 15 years, with a few notable exceptions like Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN).

If you’re a publicly-traded company with operating losses, finding stock-buyers is challenging. It’s like any crisis reaction; the pendulum swung too far.

As the Nasdaq approaches 5000 and beyond, there are several companies with operating losses that have far more promise than those that were losing money back in 2000.

The mere fact that a company is losing money should not eliminate the stock from investment consideration.

Here are 3 stocks losing money that you can buy today:


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