4 Bewitching October StocksAre you afraid of The October Effect?

We’ve all heard that investing myth that October is a bad time to invest because, well, Black Monday, Black Thursday, Black Tuesday and more all happened in October.

Don’t believe it… the October Effect is, indeed, a big, fat fable.

Moreover, it’s a good time to emerge from the summer sell-off cave and do some buying.

Here are some great stock market deals to pounce on in this month of all things spooky.

4 Bewitching October StocksOctober stocks might not be what you think.

Sure, it’s always tempting to look into a candy maker this time of year, but the big candy manufacturers—including Marston’s PLC (LSS UK: MARS), maker of Mars candy brands—have been bouncing on a boring pogo stick with no end in sight.

Let’s look beyond seasonal stuff and check out the big fish available to investors.

Here are two to buy and two for your watchlist…

4 Bewitching October StocksApple (NASDAQ: AAPL)

The new “Steve Jobs” movie portrays Mr. Jobs as a first-class jerk.

The stock, however, is a real sweetheart.

After a summer dip, Apple is on the rebound.

Why? One good reason is that your best tech friend has an Apple Watch… and an iPhone 6.

The company always has a big bump after a big announcement like it recently had.

The smart money, however, is on the slow-but-steady mover, Apple Pay.

Apple has inked a deal with Starbucks that will allow your favorite barista to swipe your phone (or Apple Watch), giving Apple Pay its biggest and most ubiquitous customer to date.

While many businesses already take Apple Pay, this is the biggest deal yet in the growing phone payment market.

Consensus estimates show Apple will likely to outperform the market, as well.

Besides, who doesn’t want a new Apple Watch for Christmas?

4 Bewitching October StocksFiat Chrysler (NYSE: FCAU)

Sure, the company had to come to terms with the UAW, and make huge concessions to the largest autoworkers union…

… but that’s all the more reason Fiat Chrysler looks so good right now.

Over the last year, the stock has climbed and climbed. It’s now nearing its 52-week high and was at its 52-week low almost exactly one year ago.

Post re-origination, Fiat is on a tear. The company, though it’s corporate parent is based in Europe, is still benefitting from the U.S. bailout and government-sponsored buyout.

Yes, it’s hard to give a company that is coming out of a bankruptcy some love, but that’s exactly why it’s a good deal now—especially now that it has a lot more certainty in its labor after the UAW agreement.

4 Bewitching October StocksWells Fargo (NYSE: WFC) and General Electric (NYSE: GE)

Keep your eye on these two…

Bank giant Wells Fargo is snapping up so much of General Electric that the deals are likely good for both.

Wells recently announced that its railcar finance, leasing and fleet management business, First Union Rail, has signed an agreement to buy GE Railcar Services fro GE Capital.

GE gets to unload a division that is not part of its core mission and Wells picks up a division that it has economies of scale to dominate. Everyone wins.

The deal comes on the heels of July’s huge $9 billion deal when Wells bought a chunk of GE Capital’s real estate loans.

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