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Americans have more money to spend these days and they are spending a meaningful chunk of that dough on food.FOOD iStock_000014899252_Small

That’s great for these companies’ stocks and investors looking to fatten up on their profits.

But there are so many food and food related stocks, from distributors to grocers to fast casual and fine dining restaurants, how does an investor pick from such a large investment menu?

In two very different ways…

First, what are the best outfits that cater to the changing tastes and individualized preferences of today’s consumers?

Second, what do you like, where do you shop and why?

Peter Lynch, the master investor, who wrote the individual investing cookbook said if you like the product, then buy the stock of the company that makes the product.

Sounds like a recipe for success.

On the following pages are 5 of my favorite food stocks that should serve you well in your portfolio pantry.


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