Need a great job? Your best bet for finding work is in a Republican state. For the most bang for your buck, choose from these five states.

Historically, states with Republican governors demonstrate a strong showing for job creation.

At the state level, Republicans are more adept at creating jobs. In fact, over the last five elections, we’ve seen stronger jobs and personal income recovery in states with the widest margin of Republican voters.

Over the past few years, red states have lowered taxes, ramped up job creation, and consolidated government. Take note, job seekers. “Look to the states with GOP governors for real solutions,” advises Gallup’s Job Creation Index.

The top five states listed below all have Republican governors. In fact, North Dakota and Nebraska have a track record of stellar job creation for five years and running.

Top Five and Bottom Five States for Job Seekers

The most recent (2014) Gallup poll lists these states at the top five for job creation:

  • North Dakota (R)
  • Texas (R)
  • Nebraska (R)
  • Wisconsin (R)
  • Michigan (R)

The same poll lists these states as the bottom five states for job creation:

  • Connecticut (D)
  • Alaska (I)
  • New Mexico (R)
  • West Virginia (R)
  • Maine (D)

While the lower five states have a mixture of Democrat, Republican, and Independent governors, it’s across-the-board Republicans for the top five employment states.

Iowa, Utah, South Dakota, and Oklahoma come in sixth through ninth place in top job creation, all with GOP governors in leadership.

All of the states that lead to the highest job creation are Right-to-Work states, whereas the states with fewer job development are not Right-to-Work States. Historically, these states lead to more jobs and more choices for employees

Job Creation Leads to Corporate Profit

Is the economic comeback tied directly to more Republican governors taking office? Some people think so. If you look at statistical trends, the red states appear to be the overall leaders in providing jobs.

When the economy booms via a high rate of employment, it’s always good news for investors. With economic expansion on the long-term horizon, investors should position their portfolios to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Although a company’s location in a red or blue state shouldn’t be your primary reason for investing in a business located in one of those states, it’s a good idea to do your homework to consider how that company is contributing to the economy.

More job growth means more consumer spending, and more consumer spending is obviously good for a company’s bottom line.

Investing in job-creation states is a win-win in all sectors of the economy, and is a particular boon for your investment dollars.

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